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Fuelling Your Body the Right Way for Your Next Triathlon

Fuelling Your Body the Right Way for Your Next Triathlon

One major contributor to fatigue is dehydration and carbohydrate diminution. Whereas the major cause of low performance in endurance races lasting more than 30 minutes are gastrointestinal problems, hyperthermia, and hyponatremia, which are as dangerous as they sound. However, the good news is it can easily be managed with the right nutritional plan that talks […]

The Complete Guide to Your Sprint Triathlon Training

“Triathlons have taken over the reins from marathons as the new personal challenge,” says Barrie Shepley, Canada’s former Olympic and National Triathlon Team coach. Millions of people each year are enrolling into local triathlon competitions. Why wouldn’t they? Triathlons have become the new standard of muscle endurance, focus and grit. Apart from the benefits of […]

10 Things Triathletes Should Never Do

A few years ago, the findings of Dr. James O’Keefe and his team of researchers at St. Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute made endurance athletes sit up and take notice. According to Dr. O’Keefe, an athlete could suffer negative impacts from chronic exercise routines.  The study shows that triathlon training routines should not last more […]

Olympic Dreams: 6 US Triathlete Stories at Rio 2016

Gwen Jorgensen Looks for the First U.S. Triathlon Win in Rio

The Rio Olympics 2016 story has already engulfed an exuberant global audience! The test triathlete and paratriathlete events, held on 1st and 2nd August, have seen triathletes praise the unique sea-water swim, the challenging hilly course, and the crowd at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For fans, the stage could not have better set for an […]

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