Zone3 Men’s Evolution Swimrun Wetsuit


1. Yamamoto 1.5mm SCS shoulders and arm panels for maximum flexibility.
2. A built in silicone band on the inside, just above the elbow. Designed to be cut if the athlete requires so that the sleeves can be worn on the swim and easily removed for the run.
3. 5mm Yamamoto #39 SCS back and side panels for upper body buoyancy.
4. 2mm front and back legs with high stretch lining designed for free flowing running. These seams are glued only and not stitched helping to minimize any chaffing from the thread.
5. Higher durability backside panel for durability on rugged terrain.
6. Front zip with cord for easy access and breathability / temperature control during the run.
7. Pro-SpeedTM silicone coated arm cuffs allowing the suit to be taken off more quickly.
8. Bright colors for visibility.
9. Two internal pockets on the front and one large external pocket on the back.
10. Each suit comes with 8mm thickness calf sleeves for significant buoyancy support on the swim.