2018 Orca RS1 Men’s Swimrun Wetsuit




  • 2mm arm and crotch panels makes ORCA SWIMRUN tremendous flexibility. The thin neoprene is less disruptive during the run and swim than other thick neoprensorter.
  • On front legs there are 8 mm neoprene panels for maximum buoyancy in order to get the best water situation. With Orca’s 8 mm neoprenpaneler need no Dolme or other extraordinary buoyancy while swimming. Floating panels are positioned so that they do not interfere during the run.
  • Anti-wear butt panel protects the suit if / when athletes slide down cliffs, which in practice often happens. (“Rock AS saver Panel”)
  • Hip level inner pocket to provides storage for sleeves of wetsuits or paddles.
  • Inner front pocket to provide storage of race accessories like GPS
  •  2 year warranty