2022 Orca APEX Float Women’s Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit



The Apex Float is a new (r)evolution of the Orca 3.8.


  • YAMAMOTO: 39 cell and even more flexible 40 cell technology, used in specific areas throughout the wetsuit to ensure excellent flexibility where it’s needed most.  
  • FTW: Feel The Water technology in the forearms to aid in water awareness in your pull.
  • AERODOME and Exo-Lift- In the quads and thighs for extra buoyancy assist. AERODOME is a sandwich-like technology provides 30% more buoyancy, with hundreds of air pockets between the neoprene layers. Exo-Lift technology is incorporated throughout the lower front panel, providing maximum buoyancy.
  • HEP: The new APEX FLOAT incorporates High Elbow Panel technology, which gives you more stability by keeping your elbow elevated with every stroke. After numerous biomechanical studies to improve stability, this Panel has been strategically placed to support, without limiting flexibility.
  • CORE LATERAL STABILIZER (CLS): The Core Lateral is a system of panels located in the lower body that limits twisting, blocking your core. With this technology, you can maintain good technique for longer.
  • ULTIMATE SEAL COLLAR: The lining in the neck area reduces the likelihood of chafing, while giving you extra comfort.
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