2022 Orca APEX Flex Women’s Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit


The Apex Flex is a new (r)evolution of the Orca Alpha.


  • YAMAMOTO: 38, 39, 40 and even the most flexible 44 cell materials are used strategically throughout the suit for maximum benefit.  38 cell, the most durable material, is used in the front thigh area, while 39 cell is utilized in the shin area.  The more flexible 40 cell is used in the chest, back and underarms for ease of lung expansion and breathing (VFIT), as well as assisting in reach.  The most flexible 44 cell material is used in the shoulders to allow for maximum should rotation to allow for the utmost in freedom of movement and swim stroke range.
  • .88 FREE:  This ultrathin .88mm thickness combined with the 44 cell rubber used in the arm sleeves allow for maximum flexibility, ensuring greater stroke distance and greater ability to “feel” the water.
  • CORE LATERAL STABILIZER (CLS): The Core Lateral is a system of panels located in the lower body that limits twisting, blocking your core. With this technology, you can maintain good technique for longer.
  • HYDROLITE: These panels are used in the arms and legs, making your transitions even faster as they make the wetsuit easier to remove.
  • ULTIMATE SEAL COLLAR: The lining in the neck area reduces the likelihood of chafing, while giving you extra comfort.
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