2018 2XU P:2 Propel Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit



    1. SCS coating / Hydrodynamic silicone coating to reduce resistance when putting on and taking off and to alleviate water resistance
    2. Intermediate zone stretch (IZS) panels / Fluid movement
    3. Silicone concave water entrapment zone / Xtreme ultra enhanced DPS*
    4. 39 Cell front buoyancy panel / Maximum buoyancy with a 5mm neoprene thickness
    5. Seamless shoulder and arm panel / Enhanced flexibility
    6. Transition panel / Seam overlap technology
    7. 520% stretch lining (internal) / Enhanced lateral flexibility
    8. Floating zip panel / Increased movement for better distance per stroke
    9. Rollbar / Increased core buoyancy and body position
    10. Two-year warranty

*Distance Per Stroke