This is question we get all the time!  Because we are an online only retailer, people get a bit nervous about buying something without having a chance to try it on.  We totally get it!  BUT, what you should know is we are fitting specialists.  As long as we know your weight, we can usually fit you perfectly the first time!  Of course, because body types vary so widely so it’s important to let us know if you have any parts of your body that are out of the ordinary.  For example, you may be a body builder with an extremely large/wide chest, or you may be pear shaped with a tiny upper body who carries all your weight in your lower half.  This kind of information definitely warrants a call to us to further discuss your sizing requirements.   Some wetsuit brands tend to run on the slim side for a more lean built person while other brands tend to be more generous with a wider cut for those thick or stoutly built bodies.  We are here to help you so please send us an email or call us!  We are always happy to talk you through it and help you find the perfect wetsuit for you!

The MOST IMPORTANT factor in sizing you correctly IS YOUR WEIGHT!  Get on a scale and confirm your weight first and foremost.  You may have been 115 pound a month ago, but you need to know how much you weigh today.  Also, sizing charts are different for every single brand of wetsuit.  Don’t presume that because you are a size small in one brand that you are a size small in all brands.  Chest width is the next factor to consider.  Height is least important factor in buying the correct size wetsuit.  How can that be?  A person who is 5’7” and a person who is 6’4” can wear the same size wetsuit?  YES! And the reason is this, because a wetsuit has to account for girth their weight will determine the size they need.  The 5’7” man can always cut the legs of his suit off should they be too long and gathering at the ankles (creating an unsmooth surface and thus drag, slowing you down in the water).  The 6’4” man can always wear the suit a bit higher on his calf and forearm.  The issue you want to avoid is the 6’4” man buying the size meant for a man 35 pounds heavier than he is to give him the height he needs.  Now the suit is huge on him in the body and will fill with water, slowing him down and acting almost as bricks in the water.  If you have ever worn a wetsuit that’s too big on you, you know what I am talking about here!  The suit must account for your weight first and foremost!  The rest is almost irrelevant.  In staying with weight, you also need to make sure your fall in the low to mid-range area of the weight’s range.  So if a man weighs 196 pounds, the Orca chart suggests 2 sizes: Size 8 for a man 180-196 pounds, and a size 9 for a man 196-213.  If you ever fall within 2-3 pounds on the high side of a size, ALWAYS size up to the bigger size.  In this example the man should definitely buy the size 9.   Even if he was 194 pounds, I would still suggest he buy the size 9.  When in doubt, call us and we can confirm your size with you!

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