Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are eager to help you with any questions or concerns!

What shipping methods are available?

We offer free ground shipping on all wetsuit purchases with a delivery address in the Continental United States. International orders are generally shipped via USPS Priority Mail International. Additional shipping methods are offered with rates based upon the weight of the item(s) ordered, the delivery location and the shipping method chosen. The shipping cost is shown to you prior to finalizing your order during our checkout process.

If you have concerns about delivery timelines, please contact us via chat/email, and we will determine the best course of action. All orders are subject to payment verification and payment must be finalized before shipping.

Who should I contact If I have questions?

Just Wetsuits prides ourselves with our outstanding customer service. Please feel free to reach out via chat or email. 

Do you ship internationally?

As of June 1, 2023, all orders leaving the United States will be assessed an additional 15% to accommodate shipping Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). International orders ship via USPS Priority Mail International or FedEx International.

Do you Price Match? 

Just Wetsuits believe that our customers should always feel certain that they are receiving the best value from us. If within 24 hours of your purchase, you notice a lower list price for the same brand, item, size and color at another U.S. retail store online just contact us and we will refund you the difference.  We will match and beat any published price* by 5% for an identical item in condition.

*Please note, price matching is not available for special offers, coupon codes, select specialty items, customization and/or items which ship directly from the manufacturer. Third party sellers on Amazon and ebay are not considered authorized retailers.

Returns Policy

We want to make sure you’re pleased with your purchase, however if you’re not, we will refund the purchase price (less shipping). Please see our complete policy here.

What size should I purchase?

Sizing varies by wetsuit brand. The primary predictor of fit is weight, rather than height. If your weight is near the top end of the range for a specific size, you should consider moving to the next size. Height is less critical of a factor when determining fit. Please feel free to reach out for sizing advice. We have helped thousands of athletes find their fit.

Will the wetsuit fit any differently in the water than on dry land?

Yes, water will fill the space between you and the wetsuit. This is supposed to happen and is how the wetsuit warms your body. The water that fills that space gets heated by your body temperature. You will find the suit doesn’t feel quite as snug on you because the water has now lubricated that space and it’s easier to move around in

I think the wetsuit is too tight

If you have followed the sizing guidelines provided for that particular brand of wetsuit and you fall somewhere in the low to mid-range in the weight chart, you likely have the correct size. Weight is the MOST important factor in sizing your suit correctly. Do not pay much attention to height. You can always wear the suit a bit higher on your calf if you are taller than the size chart classifies, or you can cut the leg length if you are shorter and the suit is gathering too much material near your ankles. Those are easily accounted for. You cannot add more material for girth though, which is why weight is KEY to finding the right size wetsuit for you. There are extenuating circumstances like an extremely large, barrel chested man, an unusually large musculature on a body builder type person or a very large busted woman that may need to account for sizing up despite their weight sizing guidelines. These are few and far between. If you have any question about your size, we are more than happy to help! We are sizing specialists and would love to talk to you to ensure your correct

What does the Yamamoto rating mean?

Yamamoto is a man who came up with a new way to increase flexibility and buoyancy in neoprene.  They blow bubbles in the middle of the rubber (think bubble wrap).  Yamamoto 38 means there are 38 bubbles per square inch, 39 has 39 bubbles per square inch and 40 has 40 bubbles per square inch. The higher the number of bubbles, the more flexible and buoyant the material is, and likewise the more expensive the wetsuit becomes.

Does price equal quality?

When it comes to wetsuits, price is a reflection of the material used and the engineering that goes into the wetsuit.  There are some very good quality wetsuits out there that you don’t have to break the bank to buy!  But remember, often times you get what you pay for.  If you have any questions about comparing brands or models, call us and we can talk through what is important to you and what your best options are.

How long does a wetsuit last?

A wetsuit’s longevity has to do with how you take care of it. Salt water and chlorine are both very hard on materials. Be sure you rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after every use and be sure to clean your wetsuit on a regular basis (a good rule of thumb is every 5-10 uses) with a wetsuit shampoo. Remember while it is neoprene and it stretches, it is also easily damaged with fingernails poking through the material. Be firm but gentle when putting on your wetsuit and always use the pads of your fingers for grip!