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A wetsuit is a crucial piece of gear for triathletes, providing thermal insulation, buoyancy, and hydrodynamics in the water. This comprehensive wetsuits guide will walk you through all the essential aspects to consider when choosing and using a wetsuit for your triathlon journey.

Types of Wetsuits: Learn about different types of wetsuits, and understand their specific advantages and uses in various water temperatures and race conditions.

Wetsuit Materials: Explore the various materials used in wetsuit construction, including neoprene types and thickness. Understand how these materials impact buoyancy, flexibility, and overall performance.

Proper Sizing and Fit: Discover the importance of proper sizing and fit for a wetsuit. Learn how to measure yourself accurately and understand the key factors to consider when ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Wetsuit Care and Maintenance: Maintain the longevity and performance of your wetsuit by following essential care and maintenance practices. Learn how to properly clean, dry, store, and repair your wetsuit to extend its lifespan.

With this wetsuits guide, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and insights to make informed decisions when selecting, using, and caring for your wetsuit. Finding the right wetsuit that fits you well and meets the demands of your triathlon races will greatly contribute to your overall comfort and performance in the water.

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