10 Reasons to be a Triathlete

Triathlon is a multi-discipline sport comprised of swimming, followed by cycling and finishing with running. It certainly isn’t an easy sport but is definitely a well-rounded one. You can begin with shorter sprint distances and then move on to take up more intense distance challenges. The journey will not be easy but will undoubtedly be […]

Triathlon wetsuits buying guide

For those new to Triathlon events, these are some of the most challenging competitions out there – testing your endurance level by expecting you to compete in different races and perform well in all. This multisport race has three sporting activities that need to be completed sequentially and continuously – you need to swim, cycle […]

A Quick Guide to Master Your Swimming Technique for the Next Triathlon

Swimming is the shortest part of the triathlon and is often neglected when it comes to offseason triathlon training and practice sessions. However, what sets the champions above the ordinary is a strategized approach towards every aspect of the game. Champs know that swimming certainly reserves its spot in that priority list. So, use this […]

Triathlon off- Season – The Champ’s Guide to Fitness

The off-season is the time when Champions are made. It is not time off from training but rather time off from racing. Champions know this difference and focus all their energies to be better in their overall fitness regimen and up their racing abilities – come back bigger than ever before in the next season. […]

10 Basic Cycling Skills Every Triathlete Should Master

Triathlons aren’t as simple as ‘riding a bike’. There is a lot more effort, skill, expertise, and practice apart from sweat and tears that leads to triathlon success. When triathletes focus on speed, leaving out basic bike handling skills, after a point they find it difficult to even keep the rubber on the pavement. So, […]

The Best Triathlon Time Management Hacks

For time-intensive sports like triathlons and mini triathlons, every second can make a difference between winning or losing! It is extremely difficult to complete the activities on time without losing your cool and that is where planning and time management come in handy! While preparing for triathlon races, not only is your physical training tested, […]

7 Fall Triathlons to Finish Your Season

It’s that time of year where most triathletes in the Northern Hemisphere begin to wind down. We have just the right suggestion to help all you triathletes feel that rush of adrenalin – participate in an exciting and fun end of season triathlon! Yes, the season from September to November has a unique set of […]

Ordinary to Extraordinary – Triathletes Who Have Inspired Us

As a sport, Triathlon is notorious for testing limits. Here’s a look at some triathlete heroes and their extraordinary achievement. These people have practically risen against all odds to stand as a testimony to unbeatable passion, strength and courage, in life and on the tracks. Karen Newman A dietician by profession, and a triathlete for […]

7 Celebrities You didn’t Know are Triathletes too!

No one needs to tell us that triathlons are absolutely grueling athletic events that test the limits of endurance. You might be surprised then about the huge number of celebrities who have participated in the event and proven their physical and mental resilience. Any wild guesses yet? Get ready to be surprised as we list […]