15 Essential Items for Your Triathlon Race Bag

The very thought of a triathlon race can bring in excitement and stress, and it is quite natural to be forgetful under stress. Forgetting an important piece of triathlon gear or accessories can cost you time and effort during the event. To avoid the last-minute hassle, we have compiled a list of 15 must-haves that […]

How to Set Your Goals for a Successful Triathlon season

USA Triathlon recently conducted #DreamingSeason, a new campaign that encourages both expert and first-time triathletes to set their goals for triathlon season. Speaking about the campaign, Chuck Menke, Chief Marketing Officer at USA Triathlon said, “We encourage athletes to talk about, and openly share, their goals – however big or small.” A campaign like this […]

Zoot Triathlon Wetsuits: The New Generation (Updated 2019)

Zoot Sports is the oldest and most reliable names when it comes to triathlon gear ranging from performance apparel, triathlon wetsuits, footwear, caps, and accessories. It delivers the most comprehensive, technologically-advanced, and complete multisport product line in the world. No brownies for guessing it is the numero uno when it comes to market performance and […]

Sleeveless vs. Full-Sleeved Triathlon Wetsuits

The swim leg of the Triathlon can be challenging for many triathletes. Bearing themselves in open waters where there are numerous unforeseen factors can add to the already challenging swim. Choppy waters, visibility challenges, cold water temps, anxiety and unmarked swim routes can add to the fatigue. As a triathlete, your preparation involves doing everything […]

Best Orca Triathlon Wetsuits for Women – 2019 Women Buyer’s guide

Summer is just around the corner and triathletes around the country are whetting their appetites for upcoming triathlon events scheduled for this year. Whether it’s the Heartland Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquabike or the Tri for Joe, Triathlon season 2019 is heading into high gear. So, if you are in the game, allow us to guide […]

How to Train for Your First Half-Ironman 70.3 – A Gateway to the Full Ironman

An Ironman 70.3 or Half Ironman, is a long-distance triathlon race organized by the World Triathlon Corporation. Not as long as an Ironman, but not as short as an Olympic triathlon event, the 70.3 includes a 1.9K swim, 90K bike, and 21.1K run. It certainly requires immense dedication, discipline, and commitment to be half-Ironman ready. […]

5 Reasons to Compete in An Early Season Triathlon

As winter wanes and days begin to get longer and warmer, it won’t be long until triathletes across the world begin stretching their legs for triathlon glory. After the long break, taking part in an early season race can give you that extra edge for the coming season. Triathlon events are challenging and a head […]

Which are 5 Top Open Water Goggles for 2019 Triathlon Season

Best Swim Goggles 2018

If you’ve been training right this winter, you’re probably waiting to kick off the upcoming triathlon season with a great race and better timing. You don’t want anything to get in your way, especially not water! Swim goggles are ​essential in triathlons – they let you see sharp and keep your eyes safe in the […]

Experts Talk: How to Become a Better Strength Runner for Triathlons

If you want to change your body, exercise. If you want to change your life, become a runner. Running is an integral part of any triathlon event, but for some reason, it does not get as much focus as swimming and cycling. It could have something to do with the fact that there’s no additional […]

10 Reasons to be a Triathlete

Triathlon is a multi-discipline sport comprised of swimming, followed by cycling and finishing with running. It certainly isn’t an easy sport but is definitely a well-rounded one. You can begin with shorter sprint distances and then move on to take up more intense distance challenges. The journey will not be easy but will undoubtedly be […]

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