How to Minimize Swimming Fatigue on Triathlon Race day

                  Many people find the swim leg of a triathlon the hardest (and thereby their least favorite!). And we aren’t just talking about amateurs here; many professional triathletes also admit that the swim leg is their most daunting. It makes sense, open water swimming makes triathletes face […]

How to Get Transitions Right in Triathlon Races: 7 Useful Tips

Know where you are in transition Carry only what you need Arrange your gear in event order Practice transitions Set aside a gear bag Prepare your bike and other essentials Get to the transition area early   Triathlon finishes can be quite close, and 2017 saw a few. In the International Triathlon Union’s World Triathlon […]

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon 2018

Escape from Altracaz

Brief History Race Trivia Famous Winners and Defending Champions 2018 Escape from Alcatraz Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, San Francisco, is one of the most talked about triathlons coming up this season. It’s on the bucket list of triathlons for many seasoned triathletes and can earn any amateur serious bragging rights. Here’s a look at this […]

What to Expect at the Wildflower Triathlon Festival 2018

  There is no triathlon quite like the Wildflower Triathlon Festival. Why? Wildflower is so much more than a race; it’s a 3-day party celebrating multi-sport, music, wellness and outdoor adventure! No wonder it has that vivacious Woodstock vibe. It is a race like no other, bringing together healthy lifestyles and wellness, music and wine […]

Which are 5 Top Open Water Goggles for 2018 Triathlon Season

Best Swim Goggles 2018

If you’ve been training right this winter, you’re probably waiting to kick off the upcoming triathlon season with a great race and better timing. You don’t want anything to get in your way, especially not water! Swim goggles are an essential in triathlons – they let you see sharp and keep your eyes safe in […]

How to Strengthen Knees and Prevent Runners Knee When Running – 7 Best Exercises for Stronger Knees and Injury-Free Running  

Triathlon Injuries

    Common Causes for Knee Injuries During Triathlons   Illiotibial Band Syndrome Patellar Tendonitis Runner’s Knee   How to Strengthen Knees With Exercises   Leg lifts Lunges Glute Bridges Figure of Four IT Band Foam Roller Hamstring Stretch Hip Flexor and Quad Stretch     How to Strengthen Knees and Prevent Runners Knee When […]

Four Exciting Spring Triathlon Camps for 2018 Season

Did you know that a spring camp can really help you kick-start your triathlon season? Check out this list of some of the best triathlete training camps! Winter’s nearly over and you should be revving up your training for 2018 triathlon season.  Hopefully, your winter was all prepared to launch into the next season. Before […]