Tips to Increase Triathlon Running Speed

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The run is the last leg of a triathlon and perhaps the most difficult for many. Any triathlete will tell you how fatigued your arms and legs feel after the swim and bike, and this affects your running speed. According to triathlon coach Matt Fitzgerald, triathletes need to aim to become better pure runners. He […]

How to Change Your Triathlon Off-Season Diet: 4 Expert Tips


If you’re a die-hard triathlete, you monitor everything you do with a vengeance – from what you eat and how much you sleep, to how many times you need to use the washroom. And then comes off season – or is it really “off”? Think of winter as the season you need to prepare yourself […]

Five Tips for Offseason Strength Training


Offseason is a great time for triathletes to kick back and get some much needed R & R. Your body needs the rest and so does your mind. Your friends and family are also glad to get that extra time with you. Off season doesn’t mean no training at all, however, and it is a […]

How Can Triathletes Stay Warm in Cold Water

Blueseventy Wetsuit Water conducts heat 25 times faster than air because it has a greater density which is why you lose body heat a lot faster when in water.  The normal temperature of a human body is at a steady 98.6°F. The circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems begin to slow down as your body temperature drops […]

The Hidden History Behind Triathlons

Ironman Triathlon Race

Source: Triathlon: /trʌɪˈaθlɒn, trʌɪˈaθlən/ Noun An athletic contest consisting of three different events, typically swimming, cycling, and long-distance running. Where Did the Triathlon Originate? Well, that’s a good question. As with many popular sports, there is more than one story about how the triathlon came to exist. Some claim that the triathlon had its […]

Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon 2017

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(Image: ) Alaska is in the news for more reasons than one. Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife spent their 4th of July fishing, kayaking and meeting with the locals. Later that month, Alaskaman 2017 brought 198 atheletes to the starting point of one of the most extreme triathlons on the planet. […]

How Long It Takes to Finish Ironman Triathlon

Ironman World Record

(Image credit: 2016-17 has been exciting for the Ironman racing organization. In a short span of about six months, two men—Lionel Sanders and Tim Don—broke Ironman records clocking in below the 8 hour mark. Lionel Sanders, a Candian triathlete, broke the previous Ironman record set by Marino Vanhoenacker in Austria in 2011. Then Sanders’ […]

Zoot Sports Wetsuits: The New Generation

When talking about Zoot suits today, one isn’t likely to be talking about the suits with pegged trousers and long coats (with padded shoulders!) from the 1940s anymore. Zoot suits are now almost synonymous with Triathlon gear. And why not? They deserve it! An interesting chapter in history With every great brand comes a great […]

5 Best Articles for Beginner Triathlete

On September 25, 1974, 46 contenders participated in the first-ever triathlon in history, held at Mission Bay, San Diego. None of those original forty six would have believed that in 40 years, nearly 4.08 million Americans would participate in triathlons in just one year! A growing number of people of different age groups choose triathlons […]