What is FastFit?

FastFit is a system that searches for products that are ready to ship based on your dimensions. Built exclusively for Just Wetsuits, it is designed to be the easiest way to buy a triathlon wetsuit.

To say that triathlon wetsuit size charts are inconsistent is an understatement. A 5’8″ 145LB woman is a 2XU Small Medium, an Aqua Sphere Large, a blueseventy Medium Large, or an Orca Medium.

This system is designed to help those that know their size, but have to chase product around the Internet, as well as the daring athlete that needs a last minute wetsuit and needs something shipped out tomorrow.

How do we know it works?

FastFit is based on calculations and small adjustments that have been using mental math and backs of envelopes for years.

What do the ratings mean?

When you use FastFit, each option is described as being: Excellent, Good, Fair, or Acceptable. While there are numerous calculations that take place for each prospective size offered to an athlete, there is no meaningful difference between a fit that is rated as 91.5 and one that is rated at 93.0.

While Excellent and Good should speak for themselves, Fair is a rating where the athlete believes the wetsuit could fit better, but should not find the difference distracting. Acceptable ratings are usually for when the wetsuit can accommodate a certain amount of girth, but where the athlete may need to account for extra length in the sleeves and legs.

What should I look out for?

When it comes to wetsuits, 3-5 pounds can make a difference. When entering your weight, please use the top end of your weight range to estimate. Most complaints regarding fit are that the wetsuit is too small.

Is FastFit perfect?


We still accept returns under the same policies, but we do hope to help athletes find their fit the first time, and will continue to refine our model to help all athletes find their best match with as little frustration as possible. FastFit does not account for the popular Zoot Kona series, as no numerical size chart is provided.

Try it out for yourself. If the results aren’t to your liking, please feel free to ask the old fashioned way: by email/chat.