Orca Athlex and Apex: the heirs to the S7, Sonar, Equip, 3.8, Predator, and Alpha

Orca was founded in 1994 in New Zealand by former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth. Since then, Orca has managed the near impossible: pushing the leading edge of technology while producing consistently durable wetsuits.

With each advance, some classics have had to give way for the next generation. In 2022, Orca released the new Athlex and Apex lines. Here is a handy cheat sheet to make at least one transition easy.

BuoyancyClassicNext Generation
ValueHigh S7
[Men] [Women]
Athlex Float
[Men] [Women]
Medium Sonar
[Men] [Women 21 19]
Athlex Flow
[Men] [Women]
Low Equip
[Men] [Women]
Athlex Flex
[Men] [Women]
PerformanceHigh 3.8
[Men] [Women]
Apex Float
[Men] [Women]
Medium Predator
[Men] [Women]
Apex Flow
[Men] [Women]
[Men] [Women]
Apex Flex
[Men] [Women]
Comparison chart of classic and next generation Orca triathlon wetsuits


The Orca size chart is both granular and consistent. With 9 sizes for men, and 7 sizes for women, there is a strong chance of finding a comfortable fit. Whether you’re taking the plunge on your first wetsuit, or allowing your old one to retire, Orca wetsuits often make the podium for the discerning athlete.

Performance and technology

While the Athlex line is a great option for most athletes, for the athlete that accepts no compromises, the Apex series delivers the extra edge. The Apex series features the latest technology, and the most aggressive hydrodynamically optimized design for the athlete that needs to shave off seconds, not finish second

Orca Apex Flex triathlon wetsuit
The next generation Orca Apex Flex triathlon wetsuit

Classic versus Next Generation

If you’re ready to step into the future, this is a chance to be among the first. If you appreciate a Classic, go ahead and indulge yourself one more time while you still can.

Check out our full selection of Orca wetsuits.

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