What does an athlete look like?

Early May, the Ironman world championship was celebrated for the first time in St. George, Utah; the best athletes in the world competed under extreme weather and elevation circumstances, but in the end, a triathlon is never easy, and a world championship is no exception.

In addition to the challenges athletes faced on the racecourse, the comments that caught my attention were about how the overall winner of this race, Kristian Blummenfelt, looked.
This athlete won an Olympic gold medal in the men’s triathlon at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. He came back from an 8th place bike in this race, caught his competitors on the run, and won the Ironman World Championship.

Some of the thoughts you could read on social media were referring to the type of body and how this person could improve if he follows the stereotype of a triathlete body. But can somebody say who exactly defines how an athlete needs to look?

After a challenging few years globally, with a pandemic that showed us how vulnerable we could be. We should never forget how amazing our bodies are and how we grow and develop through the years since birth, and our adaptability to change circumstances or to pursue a goal, in this case, an ironman.

If we take care of what we put in our body (food and thoughts) and find that goal we want to achieve; the way a body looks, skin color, shape, or size should be completely irrelevant.

Do you want to know how a runner looks? Go for a run and look in the mirror; what about a swimmer, a soccer player, a triathlete?
Suppose you train your body to perform in the things you love and are passionate about if you find your motivation to wake up early or dedicate some personal time to achieve that dream. Then how the body, your body, looks is precisely how an athlete looks.

We need to focus on a healthy body (and mind), which is the only one we will have our entire life. Taking the time to train, and being far from injuries to perform your best, will bring you more satisfaction than what other people think about how you look.

I hope if you dream of finishing a triathlon, a swim-run race, an open water swim, or any sport that makes you give that extra, you delete the thoughts about the standard of what that should look like and focus on the way “you” look and how strong you feel.

Our bodies are capable, adaptable, and a piece of art; the fact that your body carries you for 1 mile, 3,6, 100 miles is all the credit you need.

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