Triathlon Buoyancy Shorts Buying Guide (2020)

Triathlon shorts are a quintessential gear for athletes. They can make or break your game!

Just like participating in the race requires serious training, buying the right pair of buoyancy shorts also requires equal seriousness and attention. If you choose the right pair, it can boost your performance by providing maximum buoyancy and support.

It is important to choose the right buoyancy shorts that –

  • fit snuggly to reduce drag
  • have hydrodynamic quality
  • do not restrict the movement
  • boost comfort and performance

We have also listed down the top 8 recommended triathlon shorts that will fit your budget, requirement, and performance expectation. Let’s get started!

What to Look for in Your Buoyancy Shorts?

We’ve compiled a list of features that you must carefully look at to determine what type, size, and fit will suit your needs the best.

  1. Seamless panels – Go for nonexistent seams that have glued or welded seams. These types of shorts may slightly cost more but will offer a higher comfort level as they don’t rub or stick against the skin.
  2. Right padding – Choosing the type of padding (thick or thin) depends upon your experience and problem areas. For instance, while riding a bike, if you experience discomfort in the under-parts or thighs due to constant pressure, chaffing, rubbing, and irritation, opt for thick padding. A more experienced biker, however, may handle the feel of the saddle but may get uncomfortable while running with thick pads. Thin pad, in this case, is a better idea.
  3. Light, breathable, and functional fabric – If you will be racing in a hot and humid environment, go for thin, light, and breathable fabric that will aid in evaporation and cooling. If you care for speed, opt for an aero-specific design. However, if you have big thighs and cramping issues, stay away from high-compression fabrics.
  4. Length – The length of the shorts completely depends upon your preference, but generally, the best length for the long triathlon race (70.3 and above) is 9 inches, and the short race is 7-inches. A longer length gives better sun protection and covers you a little more in the freezing climate.
  5. Pocket size – Choosing the size of pockets for storage in the triathlon shorts completely depends upon the items you will be carrying on the race day like nutrition, inhaler, fluids, or more. So, choose carefully depending upon your requirement. Ensure you do not carry extra weight, and also remember, a large pocket can act as a parachute in water.
  6. Visibility – It’s an add-on feature but can be a life-saver if you are participating in the open, traffic-prone course. The reflective or built-in Hi-Viz strips light up in the dark zones and help in getting noticed by the other people.
  7. Comfortable leg grips – Shorts must be comfortable on legs – they should not roll-up or compress your legs. Good quality shorts will seamlessly lie flat on the legs, without restricting your movement or causing embarrassment.
  8. Relaxed fit – If your shorts are small in size, they will restrict your motion and can affect the blood circulation. And, if they are too large, they will gather-up underneath your triathlon wetsuit and will get uncomfortable to manage. So, the right size and relaxed fit are vital.


We’ve assembled a list of 8 best buoyancy shorts based on the performance, durability, features and more. Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite from the list, or call out if we missed out on your favorite shorts.

2020 Zone 3 Next Level Buoyancy Neoprene Shorts


Price- $75.00

  • Made from top quality Yamamoto smooth-skin neoprene
  • New design and comfort-focused waistband
  • Aid swimming in a correct horizontal and streamlined position, and facilitate ease of movement
  • Improve swimming techniques, speed, and endurance significantly
  • Help in developing your open water swimming technique

Zone 3 Buoyancy Neoprene Shorts


Price- $75.00

  • An alternative to a pull buoy, offering an enhanced feeling of buoyancy.
  • Made from top quality Smoothskin neoprene, stitched and bonded like a triathlon wetsuit.
  • Provide additional buoyancy by promoting hip rotation through each stroke.

Blueseventy Core Buoyancy Short


Price- $112.00

  • Constructed with high-quality Yamamoto neoprene, featuring buoyant Aerodome rubber in the front, 5mm rubber in the back and thinner side panels to promote swift rotation
  • SCS coating makes them hydrophobic and adds durability
  • Designed to withstand hours of pool and open water use and come with a drawstring at the waist to secure fit
  • Improve distance per stroke, speed, and body position – all without the bulk and drag of a pull buoy.

Blueseventy Sprint Buoyancy Shorts


Price- $80.00

  • The design aids in enhancing swimming techniques, just like a pull buoy, but without the added bulk.
  • Constructed with high-quality Yamamoto neoprene and coated with SCS for durability
  • Encourage proper hip rotation without affecting buoyancy

Zoot Wahine Buoyancy Triathlon Shorts


Price- $100.00

  • Promote optimal body position to take your swim training to the next level.
  • Designed with high-end Yamamoto materials
  • Include a drawcord at the waist for a secure fit, along with zero water leg band closure
  • Come with SCS hydrodynamic finish
  • Durable Melco Tape and spot reinforcements
  • Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels

Zoot Wave Buoyancy Triathlon Shorts


Price- $100.00

  • Promote optimal body position to enhance swimming training.
  • Designed with high-end Yamamoto materials
  • Drawcord at the waist for a secure fit
  • Feature zero water leg band closure
  • SCS hydrodynamic finish with durable Melco Tape and spot reinforcements
  • Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels

Orca 3/4 Neoprene Pants


Price- $99.00

  • SCS coated neoprene front and back panel
  • Provide superior buoyancy for the best swimming position
  • Super, flexible side panels for freedom of movement
  • Offer better coverage from chilly weather and protection from sun exposure

Orca Neoprene Triathlon Shorts


Price- $89.00

  • Promote ease of movement and rotation
  • Made with Yamamoto 39cell SCS coated neoprene
  • Offer buoyancy to maintain the best swimming position
  • Support the correct body rotation form

The right buoyancy shorts can enhance your performance on the D-Day. So, it is imperative to select the one that is designed to provide much-needed buoyancy, flexibility, and ease of movement while running, swimming, and biking. Do not compromise on the quality, features, and comfort because you will certainly do well with one less problem on the track.

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