8 Must Do Triathlons for Your Bucket List

Every triathlete dream of toeing the line at Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii. After all, it’s where it all started and where we all aim to reach. However, only a few dreams manifest into reality. And for all the others, who wish to experience the tough terrains and beautiful landscapes to test their endurance and abilities, we recommend these 8 must-do triathlons:

  • The Woodstock of Triathlon at Wildflower
  • Alcatraz
  • The Challenge Roth
  • The Norseman Xtreme Triathlon
  • The Chicago Triathlon
  • The Savage Man Triathlon
  • Ironman World Championships
  • The Challenge Laguna Phuket

The best 8 triathlon events that you must participate in:

  1. The Woodstock of Triathlon at Wildflower
Source: https://babbittville.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/WildflowerExperience.png

A multitude of triathlon distance races are set up on gorgeous Californian hill terrain with live entertainment, good eats and camping fun making it worthy of the name, ‘The Woodstock of Triathlon.’The 70.3-mile race distance is one of the biggest triathlons in the country with a challenging terrain comprising of 5000 feet of climbing in a mere 56 miles.

No wonder it is popularly called, “Heart Rate Hill.” It witnesses more than 3000 triathletes competing for the title and over 30,000 spectators to root for. You’ll definitely fall in love with this addicting combination of pleasure and pain provided you stay protected in the best triathlon wetsuits.

2. Escape from Alcatraz

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Alcatraz is a notorious prison perched on San Francisco Bay, and no inmate has ever escaped from it. Why are we telling you this? Well, because what scared these inmates is going to be your territory for the triathlon.

To accomplish this, you head to frigid San Francisco Bay in a ferry boat to swim in choppy, icy waters and then run across the soft sand near big hills and finally descent onto Marina Green. It’s a must-do race. Just make sure you sign up in advance as the tickets sell out pretty fast. Also, investing in high-quality triathlon wetsuits and triathlon gear can be a real life-saver for this rough water race.

3. The Challenge Roth

Source: https://www.challenge-roth.com/files/challenge/content/img/news/DCR-Solar-1-2015.jpg

Challenge Roth is one of the most loved Triathlon events, where the world record-breaking Andreas Raelert (GER) won his debut with the fastest time of 7:41:33 and Chrissie Wellington at 8:18:13.

This ‘heart of the triathlon’ attracts more than 5000 athletes—the biggest names, representation from 60 nations, and more than 180,000 spectators. It’s the largest long-distance triathlon event in the world and the entries into this iconic event sell out in minutes. So, you need to plan for this in advance.

4. Norseman Xtreme Triathlon

Athletes perform in the swim leg during the Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon 2019 on August, 03, 2019 in Eidfjord, Norway. 250 athletes participate in the Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon 2019 which includes 3.8 kilometers swim leg, 180 kilometers bike leg and the 42.2 kilometers run leg up to Mount Gausta and the Isklar Norseman Xtreme 2019 is part of the Xtri World Tour. (Photo by Alexander Koerner/nxtri.com)

If you love real challenges, this one is for you. Arguably the toughest in the world with cycling and running sections in the mountains and swimming across a choppy fjord. The triathletes swim in the frosty fjord, cycle 180 km to Austbygda
followed by an 1880 m climb up to the Gaustatoppen mountain.

The triathlon race is so intense and rough that the triathlete requires their personal support crew along with a triathlon bag that has all the essentials, a quality triathlon wetsuit, and triathlon gear. Due to its difficulty level, each year only a limited number of participants are allowed

5. The Chicago Triathlon

Source: https://www.chicagotriathlon.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2018/08/ChiTri18_img0627-1024×683.jpg

The Chicago Triathlon attracts more than 9,000 athletes every year and witnesses 15,000 spectators cheering up the triathletes.

It’s an unforgettable experience that begins at Monroe Street Harbor and comprises of swimming in Lake Michigan adjacent to downtown and cycling around the famous Lake Shore Drive and finally concluding with running in Grant Park.

6. Savage Man Triathlon Festival

Source: https://deepcreeklakeproperty.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/betsys-blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/13184856/fr_647_mk_659457553_LJU3i.jpg

7. Challenge Wanaka

Source: https://www.challenge-family.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/unknown2.jpg

Featuring one of the world’s toughest middle-distance triathlon racecourses set against the stunning alpine backdrop of New Zealand’s Southern Alps and the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage Area.

It attracts 2,500 participants from all over the world and more than 10,000 spectators. Challenge Wanaka begins with a 1.9-mile sheltered swim from Roy’s Bay surrounded by the Southern Alps and Crown Range mountains. It is followed by 90K biking terrain that has a steady stream of hills and is divided into gravel trail and paved roads, and the 21.1 mile run off road along the lake and banks of the Clutha River

8. Laguna Phuket Tri-Fest

Source: https://i0.wp.com/phuketnews.phuketindex.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/laguna04.jpg?fit=550%2C365&ssl=1

The Laguna Phuket Triathlon is dubbed as “The Race of Legends” as it attracts the world’s best professional triathletes who have won more than 50 World Championships in different formats and places. It features 1.9km swim in stunning blue waters, 90 km biking in lush hilly terrain followed by a flat 21 km run through the most luxurious resorts and finishes at Laguna Grove.

Before you head on to create your bucket list, we assure you these challenges are no less than the original Ironman. So make sure you do your prep right, set your goals, train hard, invest in quality triathlon accessories, and best triathlon wetsuits to win your next bucket-list race.

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