5 Top Triathlon Wetsuit Brands Every Triathlete Should Check Out

Wetsuits are an important part of a triathlete’s gear. The right wetsuit can make the difference between an average performance and a great one as it impacts a triathlete’s speed, buoyancy, and comfort in the water. JustWetSuits offers some of the best wetsuits across brands and here are a few that every triathlete must check out.

  1. BlueSeventy Wetsuits


Recognized as the world’s top wetsuit brand, BlueSeventy offers a whole range of triathlon gear including men’s wetsuits, women’s wetsuits, swim skins, swim goggles, swim socks, swim caps, and other triathlon gear.

The New Zealand-based company has offices in Napier, New Zealand; Seattle, USA; and Bath, UK. But their products are popular with triathletes across the world. BlueSeventy’s mission is to enhance the swimming experience for everyone who wears their trisuits.

BlueSeventy was founded in 1993 as Direct Innovations. Interestingly, the first product it manufactured was not a wetsuit, but rather bike seat covers. However, the company is credited with developing one of the world’s first triathlon wetsuits and even went on to become the official wetsuit of the Ironman Triathlon, after which it changed its name to Ironman Wetsuits. In 2005, the company was re-christened BlueSeventy.

Today, their products are sought out and worn by Olympic medalists, world champion swimmers, Ironman champions, and a host of other professional athletes. Some of their top products include the Helix Triathlon men’s wetsuit, Nero TX Women’s Knee skin tech suit, and Nero TX Men’s Jammer.

In fact, the BlueSeventy Helix wetsuit is a five-time winner of the 220 Triathlon Magazine Award for Best Wetsuit. The brand was also the official sponsor of the Revolution3 Triathlon held from May through September this year. You can find the whole line of BlueSeventy wetsuits and other Tri Gear at JustWetSuits.

2. De Soto Wetsuits


(Source: desotosport.com)

De Soto Sports is among the world’s finest brands for triathlon apparel and accessories. The San Diego, CA-based company makes technical apparel for male and female triathletes. The USP of their gear is that it can be used for swimming, biking, as well as running, thus eliminating the need for changing and saving precious time for triathletes during transition.

Known for their comfort and style, De Soto Wetsuits come in a variety of fits and sizes. The company is known for its innovative products such as tri shorts with thin cycling pads, tri jerseys with zippers, running shorts with pockets, and running mesh caps. But their most revolutionary product is the two-piece T1 Wetsuit.

The two-piece design of the De Soto Wetsuit serves the dual purpose of keeping your body warm in cold water, while correcting your swimming position making it more efficient and faster. It also allows triathletes to purchase the top and bottom separately for better fit and easy replacement of a single piece.

Other popular products sold by the brand include the unisex T1 Speed Vest, T1 Speed Tube and the First Wave unisex wetsuit pullover.

The company, founded in 1990 by former professional athlete Emilio De Soto II, has accumulated decades of experience in designing and manufacturing triathlon apparel and is easily among the most visible brands at any major triathlon event.

De Soto Sports founder Emilio was recognized as one of the top three most influential innovators in the sport by Inside Triathlon Magazine in 2007. In 2011, Apparel Magazine chose De Soto as one of the most innovative apparel companies for De Soto’s groundbreaking on-demand rollout of apparel products.

Over 95% of all De Soto products are made in the USA. The company is also involved with growing the sport and a host of philanthropic activities. You can shop De Soto tri wetsuits at Just Wetsuits for a complete line of De Soto products.

3. Zoot Sports Wetsuits


Zoot Sports is the global leader in endurance sports apparel that range across Wetzoots (that’s how they term their wetsuits), footwear, and accessories. Their line of performance products cover an athlete’s needs from start to finish. From caps to shoes, Zoot Sports takes pride in manufacturing the most technologically advanced and comprehensive line of endurance sports products.

Their products cover a host of sports including triathlon, running, cycling, and swimming and include complete wetsuits and tri racesuits, tops, bottoms, jackets, warmers, coolers, caps, socks, gloves, and bags.

The Zoot Z Force 1.0 Tri Wetzoot for men and women, the Ultra Speed Zoot women’s Swim skins, Neoprene Swim caps, and 2.0 Ultra Tri Transition bag are among their more popular products and can be ordered online at Just Wetsuits.
Zoot Sports was founded in Kona, Hawaii, the home of the Ironman Triathlon World Championships, in 1983 when Christal Nylin noticed that athletes competing in Ironman needed something more functional to race in. Her aim was to design a line of apparel that would help triathletes avoid using transition as “changing areas.” To this day, finding innovative product solutions for multisport athletes is the guiding principle of Nylin’s company.

Zoot products have won worldwide acclaim for their comfort, fit, and flexibility. The Zoot Z Force 3.0 Wetzoot was adjudged “Best in Class” for 2014 by the Triathlete Magazine.

4. Orca Wetsuits


Orca Sports is a 24-year-old company that makes a wide variety of high performance sports gear, with their prime focus on the triathlon arena. Orca was founded by former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth as Performance Speedsuits Ltd. in the city of Auckland, New Zealand, in 1992.

Unsworth noticed that the traditional wetsuits being used by athletes were not ideal for swimming. His passion to create wetsuits that were better and faster than those available then, led him to create Orca, which is now a reputed wetsuit brand among both professional and amateur triathletes.

Although they make a range of sports apparel and accessories, it’s their triathlon gear that has won them worldwide recognition. Their popular products include Orca Swimrun Core the S6 Full Sleeve Women’s Wetsuit, the Orca Neoprene Shorts, and Orca’s Transition bag.

Orca is a pioneer in introducing new technologies into triathlon gear and is the official sponsor of a number of leading triathletes. In 2004, Orca was selected as the official apparel supplier to the New Zealand Olympic team. Their wetsuits are routinely featured in annual best wetsuit lists and find raving reviews online. Active.com terms its S6 wetsuit in 2016 as “durable, high functioning, and incredibly fast in transition.”

Shop for the full range Orca Wetsuits at Just Wetsuits.

5. Zone3 WetsuitsZone3-Wetsuits

One of the new entrants into the triathlon gear market, Zone3 was started by former elite athlete James Lock in 2007. What began as his personal journey to support his own triathlon career by designing products that would improve his performance soon took the shape of an international brand in wetsuits, tri apparel, swimwear, cycle wear, and accessories.

The brand is recognized for its groundbreaking products, especially the Vanquish Men’s Tri Suit, Aspire Triathlon Women’s Wetsuit, Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts, and Neon Tow Float Dry Bag.

From the time the brand unveiled its first collection in 2009 to now, Zone3 has won countless awards and accolades from the world of triathlon. Their Vanquish wetsuit got a 9/10 review in 220 Triathlon Magazine in the first year of trading. The very next year, their Aspire wetsuit got a 10/10 review – the only wetsuit to get a perfect score.

With this, we conclude this brief round-up of some of the best trisuit brands we are proud to be associated with! Take a look at the best-selling products from these and other brands at Just Wetsuits online store.

6. 2XU Triathlon


2XU Triathlon Wetsuits, engineered from 100% Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, are designed to win with its Triathlon Swim revolutionary technology that uses Concave Water Entrapment Zones and Velocity Strakes. Each suit comes complete with a 2 year warranty. Take a look at sizing chart for a better understanding about which sizes fit you best. Shop 2XU Triathlon Wetsuits for Men & Women at Justwetsuits.com. The product range goes from compression sports wear, wetsuits, triathlon garments, running garments, cycling garments to accessories. All products are available in different colors.

If you have questions about shopping at Just Wetsuits, check out our FAQ section or contact us today.

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