The Best Triathlon Time Management Hacks


For time-intensive sports like triathlons and mini triathlons, every second can make a difference between winning or losing! It is extremely difficult to complete the activities on time without losing your cool and that is where planning and time management come in handy! While preparing for triathlon races, not only is your physical training tested, but your time management skills are assessed too – to help you cruise successfully to the finish line on race day!

Triathlon Time Management Tips

During Training – While gearing up for triathlon events, your training helps you make the right choices about energy management on race day.
Block the calendar – Schedule training times and prioritize to avoid missing out on your regular workouts as that is crucial to helping you speed up and complete the event within time limits.

  • Be innovative and efficient – Utilize every training minute wisely as its never enough – no matter how much time you get, you will always wish you had more time to prepare.


You can convert your non-tri time to a stretching and strength training regime by multitasking. For example, if you are doing a desk job, you can sit on a stability ball and recline backward slightly while doing your work which can work great for your abs. Or while driving, utilize the time at a red light for glute squeezes. Similarly, you can turn your errands into workouts. Grab every opportunity to workout – go for a run to complete errands whenever possible. Be as innovative as you can. It will give you more exercise time and freedom from routine.

  • Keep a Plan B ready – Remember that you have limited time at your disposal. So, if the planned workout doesn’t pan out for some reason (say the pool is closed for cleaning), keep your plan B ready to help you stay on schedule.
  • Start Batch Cooking – You can easily save 45 minutes a day if you cook food in advance on the weekend. To avoid the same food every day, you can plan 2-3 options to be eaten on alternate days of the week.
  • Periodize Effectively – Effective periodization such as reverse periodization by starting high-intensity training with lower volume and then increasing the volume while decreasing intensity, can help you manage time efficiently without draining yourself.

A Day Before the Event –

Pack Efficiently – Lay everything out and verify your checklist to ensure you are not missing out on any important accessory. For easy access, arrange the relevant items in separate bags:

  • Swimming accessories and morning clothes
  • Bike Gear and accessories like lube, drinks and more
  • Running Gear

On the Day of Triathlon –

  • One of the trickiest parts is to master your time management skills to use the triathlon time efficiently. One way is to minimize your time for transition in triathlon and this is where triathlon transition tips come to your rescue:
  • Get familiar with the transition area –Arrive early, complete a quick review of the course and transitions, mark identifiers for yourself to help locate your spot easily during the race.
  • Arrange your gear efficiently – Carry only the essential triathlon gear needed such as wetsuit, goggles, swim cap, bike, sunglasses, helmet, cycling shoes, race hydration and nutrition, hat, running shoes and race belt. Space is limited and so is the time! It is better to arrange your items on an open towel. After completing your swim, you can stand on this towel to clean and dry your feet while putting on your helmet. Planning a flying mount? Keep your shoes clipped to your bike pedals! In case of aero bars, keep your helmet upside down on the bars with straps open. Just remember they won’t let you exit the transition area without your helmet secured on your head. Keep your running gear ready so you can grab and go after reentering the transition area post-cycling. Keep your race number on top of your shoes which will remind you to carry it along with you.
  • Choose the right gear – To have the right buoyancy and maximum speed, it is imperative to select the right gear, like a high-quality wetsuit. Additionally, good gear significantly reduces your transition time.

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