Improve Your Triathlon Running Speed with These 7 Tips

The run is the last leg of a triathlon and perhaps the most difficult for many. Any triathlete will tell you how fatigued your arms and legs feel after the swim and bike, and this affects your running speed.


According to triathlon coach Matt Fitzgerald, triathletes need to aim to become better pure runners. He says, “I have found that the most effective way for triathletes to become better pure runners is to focus on running during triathlon’s offseason.”

So here are seven ways you can improve your triathlon running speed this winter while you wait for the 2018 triathlon season to kick off:

  1. Learn Proper Technique

Investing time in mastering proper technique yields big gains. Not only are you going to get faster, but you’ll also prevent injuries. It’s a good idea to find a running coach who is well-versed with form to guide you rather than just depending on a triathlete who runs fast.

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