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On September 25, 1974, 46 contenders participated in the first-ever triathlon in history, held at Mission Bay, San Diego. None of those original forty six would have believed that in 40 years, nearly 4.08 million Americans would participate in triathlons in just one year!


A growing number of people of different age groups choose triathlons for reasons other than just fitness. If you are about to compete in your first triathlon this month, or if you have participated in a couple of triathlons, we have been there and know how you feel today!

Triathlons are more than just training your body; they can be a daunting mental challenge too, but it need not be as tough as you think (here’s an 87-year old nun who completed an Ironman triathlon!). With the right preparation and attitude, we believe anyone can finish a triathlon.

What are the Typical Distances for Triathlons?

  • Ironman: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run
  • Half Ironman: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run
  • Olympic Distance (distance for the summer Olympics): 1500 meter (.93 mile) swim, 40k (24.8 mile) bike, 10k (6.2 mile) run.
  • Sprint Distance: 500-750 meter swim, 12 mile bike and 3.1 mile run

To encourage your passion for triathlons, and to help you perform really well and enjoy this great endurance sport, we have complied five of our popular triathlon articles for beginners below. You will find answers to common questions you have had about triathlons, from triathlete gear to the right food for triathletes.

  1. How Do I Prepare For My First Triathlon?

What do you really need to keep in mind before your first triathlon? Here are some important triathlon tips for beginners. This is a helpful checklist of things that any triathlete should do to keep those nerves in check. Tips on the triathlon course, food intake and how to tweak your training before race day.

Read Six Vital Tips To Remember For Your First Triathlon Ever.

  1. What Gear Do I Need For A Triathlon?

Whether you are a newbie triathlete or a seasoned pro, you need to start preparing as early as possible. This means not just physical training but getting the right gear. Remember, any new gear – whether it’s triathlon wetsuits, swim caps, or bike shoes – is useful only if it meets your unique needs.

All You Need to Gear Up For Triathlon Season 2017 will set you up for the season with the essential triathlon gear checklist every triathlete must consider.

  1. How Do I Train For a Sprint Triathlon?

Triathlons require determination, the right training and correct nutrition programs. All these hold true for sprint triathlons too. Sprint triathlons might be half the usual distances but, make no mistake, they can be just as grueling.

Things to Know about Sprint Triathlon Training explains 5 crucial factors every beginner triathlete must implement into their plan from the get-go. We also have a bonus training plan to help kick-start your sprint triathlon workout.

  1. How Much Food Should a Triathlete Eat?

The right nutrition plays an undeniably major role in the success of your triathlon training program. To have a proper nutrition program in place, you not only need to know all about bars and supplements for triathletes, but also how to manage your diet effectively and fuel your performance.

Read 6 Nutrition Tips for Beginner Triathletes for the basics on triathlete nutrition.

  1. How Can I Mentally Prepare For A Triathlon?

Doing a triathlon isn’t all about getting to the finish line. It’s about winning over your body and mind, enjoying the experience, and wanting to do better each time. Have you ever wondered how to do that successfully?

Here’s the expert answer: get in “the zone”.

The “zone” is a state where there are no mental distractions, judgments, or concerns. You are totally immersed in what you’re doing when you do something you love. Learn what psychologists and famous sportsmen have to say about “the zone”. For more about this incredible experience, read How Can Triathletes Get “In the Zone”.

We hope you enjoy every bit of your journey to successfully completing your upcoming triathlon. At Just Wetsuits, we are with you every step of the way. Email us if you need help with triathlete wetsuits and triathlon gear, or call us on 1-877-784-7808.

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