10 Questions About Just Wetsuits Rental – Answered

If you think triathlons are an expensive affair because you have to buy a high-end wetsuit, think again. Did you know that you could rent professional triathlete wetsuits?


Why Rent a Wetsuit?

Many customers don’t want to buy a new wetsuit just yet. New triathletes often feel unsure about success at this new sport and don’t want to make that investment right away. Although a lot of triathletes are in it for the ‘love of the game’, we completely understand that not everyone can afford to spend $200 plus on a wetsuit for an activity they engage in every once in a while.

Another reason you may need to rent a wetsuit is because you’re travelling and don’t want to carry your own wetsuit everywhere you go.

Whatever your reason, at JustWetsuits you’ll find a wide range of wetsuits from different manufacturers – 11 to be precise. We’re serious about getting you the correct wetsuit at the right time. So, whether you’re a first time triathlete or a seasoned pro, here’s all you need to know about Just Wetsuits rentals.


Answers to Common Questions about Just Wetsuits Rental

  1. I am first time triathlete. Should I go for a sleeveless wetsuit or a full-sleeved one?

There are no wrong answers here – it really depends on the kind of race. Ideally, full-sleeved wetsuits are better for races where the water temperature is colder say, below 68 degrees. For longer races and warmer waters, sleeveless wetsuits are preferred. People who have been swimming for years may feel that full-sleeved wetsuits restrict them, but actually they are very useful for providing buoyancy, speed and warmth during a race. If you’re not sure which one would suit you best, call us and we’d be more than happy to make a suggestion.

  1. My body isn’t as proportionate as everyone else’s. How do I know this wetsuit will fit me?

Finding the right fit is something we’ve been doing for years! Based on the stats you give us when you fill out this wetsuit rental form, we can find you the right fit because we know that different brands won’t fit exactly the same. We also stock 2 piece wetsuits for those body types that are not proportionate.  If you’d like to request a specific size or model of wetsuit, we will try our best to make sure you get it, unless the one you requested has been rented out to someone else.

  1. I rented a wetsuit from you, but it’s too tight. What do I do now?

Wetsuits are meant to be tight fits when you wear them on dry land. Once you get into the water, they tend to relax and the small amount of water that enters them lubricates and makes you feel less restricted. Tight wetsuits actually give you several benefits: reduced drag, extra buoyancy, and warmth.

We say this because people end up ordering a size too big and that pretty much kills the benefits of wearing a wetsuit. You will know if you’ve order a wetsuit that’s big for you, if a lot of water enters the space between your skin and the wetsuit material, making you heavier and weighing you down. You’ll also feel the cold water all over your body, which will make your swim extremely uncomfortable.

We recommend trying on your wetsuit for a couple of swims before calling us for a larger fit. In case you’d still like to send it back, we require a shipping fee to be charged for a second suit.  With every brand, the fit changes but we do our very best to get it right the first time!

  1. How long does it take your wetsuit to reach me?

We ship our wetsuits one weekend prior to your event, so you have plenty of time to try it on and practice swimming in it. If you would like it to reach you sooner, then we can ship it to you earlier at a small cost. Wetsuits usually ship Priority Mail and take 2-3 days for delivery. If you’d like us to ship to your hotel, then let us know which hotel along with guest identification and the dates of your stay.

  1. My triathlon event is just a few days away. Can I still get my wetsuit in time for my event?

If you delayed making a decision about your wetsuit rental, you can upgrade to Fed-Ex 2-day or Overnight shipping. However, we’d advise you to plan early so that you don’t run the risk of not receiving the wetsuit in time.

  1. Will you charge me for rips and tears in the wetsuit?

Having rented wetsuits for years, we know that nail pokes happen to us all. We don’t charge for minimal nail cuts. If there’s a large tear or a broken zipper and we need to send the suit for repairs, we’ll transfer those charges to you.

  1. The weather played havoc and now my event has been cancelled. What do I do with my wetsuit?

Huge bummer – these things happen.  If we have already shipped the wetsuit out to you, we incur expenses for shipping the suit to you and back to us. However the next time you need to rent a wetsuit, contact us and we will provide you a $25 coupon.

  1. I want to keep the suit for longer and perhaps buy it from you. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Our wetsuits can be kept for $15 per week beyond your rental period, but you need to let us know if you’d like to do so. If you loved the wetsuit and want to keep it forever, just give us a call and you can pay for it by credit card on the phone.

  1. What’s the most hassle-free way of shipping the suit back to you?

We offer an easy pre-paid shipping label option – just put your wetsuit into the bag with the label and drop it off at the nearest Fed-Ex serviced shipping facility. This way there are no long waits in queues or unexpected costs.

Our shipping address is: Just Wetsuits, c/o Rentals Dept., 1000 N. Hamilton St. #C5, Chandler, AZ  85225.

  1. Do you have wetsuits for kids?

Yes, we do! We have wetsuits for children, even those weighing as little as 55 lbs.


Renting wetsuits from a wetsuit triathlon rental company like Just Wetsuits is convenient and stress-free for you. Send us your requirements and statistics well in time so the risk of last minute delays is minimized. Once you’re done with the wetsuit, pop it into the pre-paid label bag and drop it off.

If you have questions about sizing and procedure, don’t hesitate to call or email us. Learn more about Just Wetsuit rentals.

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