Why Choose Orca Wetsuits for Your Next Triathlon


Triathlons are rapidly becoming a popular way to keep fit, compete or just have fun. And why not? They are far from mundane as they involve cycling, swimming and running, allowing adults to have fun while challenging their limits at the same time. They are also a great way to introduce kids to the great outdoors.

Serious contenders also get to earn themselves some really cool sounding (and rightly so!) titles like “Ironman” and some solid prestige. Triathlons provide variety as well. No two races are ever the same. Venues change as do the courses, not to mention great weather.

The distance of every race varies depending upon the organizers to meet various distance constraints or to cater to different types of athletes and age groups. Depending on your race category, you may be required to wear a triathlon wetsuit and it is imperative you pick the right one.

So Which Triathlon Wetsuit Should You Buy?

As Triathlete Miriam Garcia states “a wetsuit is more of an investment than an expense, taking into account its features and durability”. There are dozens of wetsuits out there catering exclusively to triathletes. With so many options, it can become difficult to choose the right wetsuit.

It is crucial that the wetsuit you pick helps enhance your performance during the race. Triathlon wetsuits should give you extra buoyancy for swimming and should allow you enough freedom of movement to propel yourself through the water with ease.

As you consider the right wetsuit for your triathlon season, we want to fill you in on Orca, one of our favorite triathlete wetsuit brands.

Orca – Innovator in Triathlon Wetsuits

Conceived in New Zealand in 1993, Orca has established itself as a brand that introduces leading technology into its triathlon wetsuits. This is not really surprising as they work with experienced athletes to come up with innovative designs that really help you perform. Orca has sponsored top triathletes like Andrew Starykowicz, two time 70.3 World Champion Sebastian Kienle, and ITU champions like Kris Gemmell and Tim Don.

There’s no doubt about it, Orca makes some stunning wetsuits. They invest in exploring and understanding design led innovation in tri wetsuits to deliver better efficiency. Orca uses Yamamoto 39-cell neoprene which provides 30% more buoyancy than the regular 5mm neoprene. They have recently upgraded their suits with a new lining for added flexibility.

Orca’s wetsuits are really well thought out as the buoyancy panels are arranged differently for men and women taking into account different body shapes to reduce drag. Their wetsuits are designed to give you a boost where you need it most during a race. The Super Composite Skin coating on the neoprene allows for less drag in the water, leading to faster swim times.  As the diagram identifies, they have 6 wetsuits to suit swimmers different needs.  The Alpha and Equip are both more focused on flexibility and less on buoyancy, feeling more like you are swimming without a wetsuit.  The 3.8 and the S6 provide the utmost in buoyancy assistance, while still remaining flexible.  The Predator and the Sonar are the “total solution” wetsuits giving you a nice balance of flexibility and buoyancy.   Based on a customer’s price range and specific needs, Orca offers a suit for everyone.

Orca makes pretty cool accessories as well. Their Triathlon Waterproof Backpack is really handy to keep everything in place on Race Day. The reflective accents on the backpack keep you safe while ensuring you look great!

Orca Sonar Triathlon Men’s Wetsuits

Orca’s Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit is great for intermediate triathletes looking for a step up from beginner/entry level suits. It is designed to give you extra buoyancy as well as flexibility around the arms for swimming. The Orca Sonar is designed with Aerodome2 panels from the lower back to the calf to keep your body in the perfect position to keep you afloat while swimming. The MultiStretch inner lining, HyperStretch Underarm and the DeltaStretch Shoulder Panel give you extra flexibility in the water and as well as out of it.

Orca 3.8 Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit

Drumroll please! The Orca 3.8 Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit is the first to feature an AirRelease panel, using the world’s first neoprene that is breathable. It lets heat and moisture away from you while staying water resistant! Isn’t that just great? This one is made to keep you afloat, taking away a lot of effort required by you to do so, allowing you to concentrate on making your personal best time ever. This wetsuit features the Core Lateral Stabilizer which is comprised of 5mm Exo-Cell side panels alongside the 4mm Exo-Lift front panel which acts as a floatation device giving you the best body posture while swimming. The SCS coated Yamamoto 39cell and 40cell neoprene around the ankles along with the slipstream zip makes the wetsuit really quick to remove during transitions.

Check ‘em out!

Orca’s range of wetsuits is suited for everyone from beginners to professionals. Orca has three groups of wetsuits: Buoyancy, Flexibility, Total Solution and allowing you to pick the wetsuit with the features you need. Check out our complete Orca collection.

If you need expert advice on which triathlon wetsuit is best suited for you and for your budget, or you simply need help with what size is right, call us at 1-877-784-7808 or email us at info@justwetsuits.com.  We love helping our customers get what they need to be successful triathletes.

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