Why You Should Buy Blue Seventy Wetsuits for 2017 Triathlons

Blue Seventy was one of the top three Triathlon 220 2016 award winners in the Triathlon Wetsuit Brand category. The brand has bagged another prestigious nomination for the Triathlon 220 2017 awards.

What makes this brand an all-around favorite of triathletes? Here are the top five reasons why Blue Seventy wetsuits are what you should be wearing in 2017:


  1. Blue Seventy recently launched the Thermal Helix, an upgrade of its best-selling Helix which is, not surprisingly, making waves all over the triathlon world. Trust Blue Seventy to come up with something like this; after all it’s a brand with more than 20 years of experience in cutting edge design of wetsuits for triathletes.
  2. It was the first brand to launch a gender specific range of wetsuits called Femme Fit. It pioneered work on wetsuits for women with a special focus on critical fit areas like bust, hips, and torso.
  3. Femme Fit wetsuits contain anti-chaff features made for delicate skin and an extended zipper length to accommodate wider hips. Blue Seventy has 15 different sizing options for women so if you’re looking to invest in a new wetsuit for the 2017 season, you are sure to find your fit.
  4. Blue Seventy has a range of wetsuits designed to accentuate buoyancy according to a swimmer’s level. Their positive buoyancy wetsuits lift the legs and help streamline the swimmer’s position. This is especially good for beginners and not-so experienced swimmers.
  5. Their natural / neutral buoyancy wetsuits are specially made for pros. If a swimmer has a good horizontal streamlined position, the wetsuit is designed to support this overall buoyancy which helps reduce drag profile.
  6. Their wetsuits are uniquely designed with varying levels of neoprene thickness to maximize buoyancy and flexibility in all the right places. For example, the Helix has a 5-5-4 construction which means it has 5 mm neoprene in the chest and torso, and 4 mm in the legs.


Blue Seventy is one brand that offers top-end, mid-range, entry-level, and youth wetsuits. Whether you’re a beginner attempting your first triathlon in 2017, or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find a wetsuit that fits both your level and your budget.  We’ve highlighted three options from these different categories for you to consider this season:

  1. Women’s Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

Known to be the company’s bestseller, the Reaction is a perfect combination of flexibility and neutral buoyancy design.  The Yamamoto 39cell rubber used is of superior quality and often considered the gold standard for triathlon wetsuits. The neck collar has a lower profile so isn’t tight around the throat, and the SCS, full-body low friction coating adds speed to your races and cuts time from your swim. If you’re looking for a superior quality wetsuit at a decent price, this one is for you.

  1. Helix Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit

The Helix is Blue Seventy’s top-of-the-range wetsuit which supports natural / neutral buoyancy for a good swimmer’s naturally horizontal body position. While the 1mm ultra-thin arms support the ultimate in flexibility and comfort, the super buoyant 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome keeps the hips high enhancing an efficient downhill swimming position. There’s also a VO2 Chest Panel that maximizes stretch during respiration.

The Helix comes with a few time-saving features any triathlete will appreciate. There are flexible knee panels which make running possible, and it has quick exit legs. A Reverse Zipper reduces bulk and irritation on the neck as well.

Blue Seventy keeps abreast of the latest technology in wetsuit engineering. Recently, Blue Seventy launched the Thermal Helix. It is packed with all the advantages of the flagship Helix, but has an integrated zirconium jersey as a layer for added warmth. It is ideal for races like Escape from Alcatraz where the Bay water rarely warms past the mid-60s. It’s quick to dry and can keep you remarkably warm.

  1. Men’s Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit

The Sprint is an excellent entry level wetsuit at a very attractive price point. A newer design with added buoyancy and improved flexibility is what the 2016 version is all about. There is great flexibility around the shoulders so you don’t feel restricted – 100% Yamamoto 38 cell rubber delivers both buoyancy and flexibility. Since it is designed to lift the lower half of the body in the water, you experience improved body position and reduced drag profile. Another great feature is the addition of silicone wrist and ankle cuffs which slide off effortlessly when it’s time to take off the wetsuit, especially when it’s wet. It’s a definite winner for beginners.

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