All You Need to Gear Up for Triathlon Season 2017


It’s that time of the year again – time to start prepping up for the upcoming triathlon season. While summer is not here yet, the months just before and after summer, also known as the shoulder months, are pretty eventful with some extremely popular triathlons taking place.

Whether you participate in these triathlon events or wait for the peak season to arrive, you need to start preparing as early as possible, especially if you are looking to buy some new gear and wouldn’t mind a good deal or two coming your way.

So, let’s set you up for the upcoming season with the essential triathlon gear checklist every serious triathlete must consider.


Your swim gear list will change depending on the water temperatures you are swimming in, but will essentially include the following:


  1. Wetsuit: Triathlons are multidisciplinary sporting events that include swimming, biking, and running. Some prefer gear specific to each sport, but that may make the transition a bit slower. Many triathletes find completing the entire race in their swimming gear more time effective. It really depends on your comfort, but the one thing you absolutely must have in your gear bag is a high quality wetsuit. Wetsuits keep you warm, which is extremely important when swims happen in chilly open waters. In addition, wetsuits also provide you with more buoyancy, especially important to those without great form, and speed, which of course helps every athlete improve their swim time. Make sure your triathlon wetsuit fits well, addresses your specific needs and is light weight.
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  1. Swim caps: A well-fitting swimming cap either in latex, silicone, or Lycra® spandex is another essential item in your triathlon gear bag. It provides you added warmth and comfort, not to mention reduces drag and enhances speed, especially for swimmers who have long hair.
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    3. Swim goggles: This one is a no-brainer. If you want to swim with your eyes open, you have to have a pair of swim goggles on. A well-fitting pair of swimming goggles will keep the water from entering your eyes, while enhancing your peripheral vision. There’s no shortage of options available when it comes to the color and style of swim goggles, so try to pick the ones with the best technology.

   4.  Buoyancy shorts: An alternative to wetsuits, these sung-fitting neoprene shorts are triathlon specific and work well with all the three legs  of the race. They are extremely light, dry up quickly, and even offer protection from the UV rays provided you buy the good quality ones. What’s more is that they help make the transition much faster.

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The next leg of a triathlon event is biking. Most mountain or road bikes are okay to compete with. If you are a serious triathlete, then it might be worth investing in a tri specific bike. Here are a few other essential items for the biking leg of your triathlon event.


  1. Helmet: A good sturdy helmet approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) is a must have. If you’re in the mood to spend, consider getting an aerodynamic one.
  1. Sunglasses: When you are out in the sun, biking for dear life (or the prize), a good quality pair of sport sunglasses are priceless. Not only do they offer protection from the sun’s glare, but also keep bugs and wafts of wind away. You can use the same sunglasses for the running leg of the race.
  2. Bike shoes: While you may try biking in the same shoes you use for running, you should know that cycling shoes provide more power than running shoes as they are designed to work with pedals. While cycling shoes will give you more power and efficiency, using them would mean a longer transition time when you switch to your running shoes for the final leg of the race.


The last leg of a triathlon event is the run. By this time, you are reaching the end of your race and probably reaching exhaustion. Having the right triathlon gear makes a world of difference to your performance at this stage. Here is a list of essential gear to complete the run:


  1. Running shoes: The right kind of running shoes not only give you speed and power, but also provide comfort and prevent injury. A word of caution here, do not attempt breaking in new shoes during a race unless you enjoy blisters. Make sure your running shoes are reasonably well worn-in.
  1. Hat: The last thing you want wearing you down when you are nearing the finish line is the sun. So, make sure to wear a hat or a visor to keep the sun as well as the rain away from your eyes. They need to be focused on the finish line, after all!
  1. Hydration pack: Using a hydration pack allows you to maintain proper hydration on the go. You need not slow down or stop to reach for that bottle.

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