6 Most Exciting Early Season Triathlons in the US



That’s the minimum number of races the USA Triathlon or USAT – the national governing body for the multisport disciplines of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, and winter triathlon – sanctions every year.

The popularity of the three-pronged race is at an all-time high in the country. According to Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) estimates, the total number of triathlon participants rose from 1,251,000 in 2008 to 1,992,000 in 2011 – an increase of 59 percent.

But just because there are thousands of triathlon events held across the country each year, does it mean you can participate in all or even most of them? Obviously not, but if experts are to be believed it’s possible for experienced athletes to train for 2-3 races per year.

If you have set yourself a goal of competing in multiple triathlon events this year, we have some of the best early season triathlons lined up for you starting in February. So, put on your running shoes and let’s go!

  1. Ultraman Florida, Feb 17-19

A three-day athletic event that tests your physical and mental limits, this event takes place around central Florida. The race covers a total distance of 321.6 miles (517.5 kilometers) and requires participants to complete a 6.2 mile (10 K) open water swim, a 263 mile (423 K) bike ride, and a 52.4 mile (84 K) ultra-marathon run. Day 1 is a 6.2 mile swim and 92 mile bike, Day 2 is a 171 mile bike, and Day 3 is a 52.4 mile run.

It is a race that’s designed to do as much for your body as your soul and athletes who participate in the event swear that “once you experience it, it is extremely difficult to stay away” (Julie Paquette, 2015).

  1. Stanford Treeathlon, Mar 4-5

This year will mark the 13th edition of the Stanford Treeathlon. The event boasts of races for everyone – from beginners and collegiate to seniors. Their classic sprint race features a 500-meter open water swim, a 20k bike ride, and a 5k run. This year’s event also features races tailored for children ages 6-12 years old. So, if you have a child or a niece/nephew, this would be the ideal platform to introduce them to the world of triathlon.

Held at the beautiful Pacific Shores Center and Westpoint Harbor in Redwood City, California, the race is an experience not to be missed.

  1. TriPATHlon, Apr 30

This Atlanta, GA-based event starts in the Chastain Park Pool with a 400 yard swim, followed by a 15-mile bike course through the city’s rolling hills. The last leg of the race includes a 5k run that ends at the scenic Chastain Park Amphitheater.

  1. J-Hawk Earlybird Triathlon, May 7

This triathlon event is for the whole family. To be held in Whitewater, Wisconsin, the event offers three races. The adult sprint triathlon includes a 500 yard swim, 13 mile bike, and 3.3 mile run; the adult Olympic race includes a 1000 yard swim, 26.5 mile bike, and 6.5 mile run; and the child triathlon includes a 200 yard swim, 4 mile bike, and 1 mile run.

The swim is done indoors and the participants are allowed to compete individually or as part of a relay team.

  1. New Orleans “Big Easy” Triathlon, May 27

To be held at an exciting new venue – on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain – the New Orleans “Big Easy” Triathlon is a one day event series with a Sprint, Olympic, Aquabike and Duathlon. It’s the perfect way to train for the Ironman and other more competitive triathlon events.

  1. Escape from Alcatraz, Jun 11

The iconic Escape from Alcatraz race enters its 37th year this season. The streets and waters of sunny San Francisco will buzz with activity come June 11th as triathletes embark on a grueling 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz Island to the shoreline of Marina Green, an 18 mile twisting bike ride through the Presidio, and an eight mile trail run out to Baker Beach and up the infamous 400-plus step Sand Ladder.

Says the 2016 champion and Rio Olympian Joe Maloy, “Few, if any, triathlons can compare to the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon and the challenges it presents to its competitors. One minute you’re sitting comfortably on the San Francisco Belle and the next you’re plowing through the San Francisco Bay’s infamous currents.”

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