7 Triathlon Training Camps You Must Check Out

If you think winter is a slack season for triathletes, you probably haven’t considered any triathlon training camps. A triathlon camp is without a doubt a must-try experience that ought to be on every triathlete’s calendar.


A three-to-eight day training camp can not only be a good opportunity to get away from the chilly winter and spend some time recharging for race season, it also offers many benefits for new and advanced triathletes alike, such as:

  • Technical focus to help you perfect your swim strokes and see where you are going off track. You get a good chance to spend time training on the skills you need to improve on.
  • Diet education helps you learn the ropes of good nutrition. Any experienced triathlete will tell you the right balance makes all the difference.
  • Bonding with fellow triathletes helps you get inspired. You can also learn some tricks from them. They’ll feed you the fuel to make it to the finish line on race day.
  • One-on-ones with trainers help you chalk out your goals for the season, identify personal barriers, grow the right attitude and give you an all-round perspective on racing.
  • Advanced triathletes can benefit by escaping from the rigors of daily demands. They can get back on track with focused training and recovery from sessions. It’s also a good way to re-energize yourself and get some needed motivation.

There are many triathlon training camps offered to suit every triathlete’s budget, time, and training needs. We’ve listed a few of the popular ones to check out:

  1. The Cycling House Triathlon Training Camp

Tucson, Arizona, is one of the best winter training destinations for triathletes and offers something for all levels, ranging from beginners to veterans. A major highlight here is the freshly prepared healthy food eaten around a table, family style. The camp aims to build a family atmosphere where you can share stories and connect with other triathletes.

Dates: January to April 2017

Price: About $1,995 with meals and accommodations included

  1. GPP Endurance Training Camp

This 4-day training camp in Rogers, Arizona, is held year-round and boasts USAT coaches. There are sessions on LT testing, bike fits, run form analysis, and underwater swim analysis.

Dates: All year round (April peak)

Price: $350 plus accommodations and meals

  1. PlayTri Hawaii Camp

Located in scenic Kona, Hawaii, this five-day camp trains you on the Kona course. There are training, racing and nutrition seminars designed for triathletes of all levels. It’s a great way to connect with fellow triathletes at the Mecca of triathlons.

Dates: January 15-20, 2017

Price: About $1299 plus hotel, transportation, airfare and meals

  1. Triple Threat Tough Texas Training Camp

Located in beautiful Arkansas, this three-day camp helps you take your training to the next level with professional coaching, educational clinics, workouts, and nutritional support.

Dates: March/May

Price: About $400 plus accommodations and meals

  1. HITS Diamond Mills Tricamp

This is a triathlon camp with panache. Located in the Hudson Valley’s Diamond Mills Hotel, it boasts personalized training and luxury in one single package. You get a room at the Diamond Mills Hotel plus two gourmet meals per day!

Dates: Spring and summer camps available

Price: About $2,000 per person, includes accommodations and two meals a day

  1. QT2 Lake Placid Training Camp

This Olympic location is home to one of the longest running Ironman races. The 4-day camp includes technical training in addition to some great triathlete training sessions.

Dates: June (usually)

Price: About $600 plus accommodations

  1. Discomfort Zone Boulder Experience Triathlon Camp

Famed for the head coach Ultraman Mike Coughlin who has run over 80 triathlons, this camp is located at an altitude of 5,200 feet in Boulder, Colorado. The training focuses on endurance training thanks to the mountain environment. It promises to be a week of challenging training with the best coaches and terrain.

Dates: Usually July

Price: $1,000 plus accommodations

Now that we’ve presented you with the very best of triathlon camps, all that’s left for you to do is take your pick! And if you want to shop some great trisuits for the season ahead, do not forget to check out our triathlon wetsuits for sale.

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