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Fuelling Your Body the Right Way for Your Next Triathlon

Fuelling Your Body the Right Way for Your Next Triathlon

One major contributor to fatigue is dehydration and carbohydrate diminution. Whereas the major cause of low performance in endurance races lasting more than 30 minutes are gastrointestinal problems, hyperthermia, and hyponatremia, which are as dangerous as they sound. However, the good news is it can easily be managed with the right nutritional plan that talks […]

Things to Know About Sprint Triathlon Training Program

Triathlete Cycling

People thought marathons were for professional sportsmen—those uniquely gifted people with the Atlas-like physiques and stamina to endure insane distances and make it through the long haul. All that changed when triathlons came along! Now common, everyday people are finding the joy of physical fitness, the thrill of participation and have achieved great success in […]

6 Most Common Triathlon Training Injuries & Treatment

Triathlon Training Injuries

Pushing your body to its limits comes with a price, especially if you’re not taking precautions. Most triathlon injuries are overuse or over training injuries which happen because of an immense amount of stress to muscles, tendons and tissues. Here’s a list of six common triathlon training injuries, their causes and treatment. Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Tendinitis means a […]

The Complete Guide to Your Sprint Triathlon Training

“Triathlons have taken over the reins from marathons as the new personal challenge,” says Barrie Shepley, Canada’s former Olympic and National Triathlon Team coach. Millions of people each year are enrolling into local triathlon competitions. Why wouldn’t they? Triathlons have become the new standard of muscle endurance, focus and grit. Apart from the benefits of […]

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